Success Stories

I came to community chiropractic after being told by doctors that I needed to see a specialist but the only available scheduling was over a month away. With only that appointment scheduled and a small print out of listing things that might help they said there wasn't much else they could do till the appointment with specialist. In the mean time I was so bad off that I was no longer able to keep up with work taking days off whenever pain was to great, or stand up straight for that matter with the pain increasing daily. Pain was beginning to affect driving as it was becoming painful to simply turn my head and made most of my social life and outdoor activities a seemingly impossible goal. 
Upon a recommendation from a old coworker of mine I went to community chiropractic (Thankfully close to my home) for treatment. They began  an assessment and X-rays as soon as I arrived (as did the doctors office who I won't talk about). Before leaving that day he began to look into my issues and had given me a therapy session to begin reducing pain. by day two the doctor Dallas and Doctor Dan had assessed my X-rays and informed me I had a birth defect called Facet Tropism, Scoliosis and a short leg but to put it simply  parts of my spine are crooked in more ways than one and my left leg is much shorter than the other. We went over a treatment plan and began care and even worked with me on billing as I was in a little bit of financial bind. 
I walked into Community chiropractic physically unable to hold my head up High and worried that I wouldn't be able to keep working at all, today i go on a weekend hikes, drive any distance i want or need to and live my life almost as normal no longer having pain restricting so many aspects of my life. Its thanks to this family and team that the pain i experience is under control. the entire team will look after you every step of the way with kindness a swift yet gently care. This is your FIRST stop for recovery from back pain. Being "cured" may no be possible but they will help you find real relief. 

- Timothy R. 

Just a little note to let you know how much I appreciate your staff and how I've been treated the last few weeks. I went from I couldn't walk, and in so much pain that I couldn't stand that pain. I'm grateful to Dr. Dan George and Dr. Dallas George for treating me with my back problems. I can't say enough about the Gals that have worked on me. they know what they are doing and have treated me with respect and we have had fun doing it. Thanks Shellie for being so kind to me. You run a tight ship and have fun doing it. You have a wonderful place. I would recommend it to anyone. Thank you.

- R. Tolman

Friendly staff. Made me feel comfortable. As well the adjustments they have made over the years have given me a better life. Thank you.

- M. Stroud

Very knowledgeable and professional. Their equipment is top notch!

- G. Bevilhymer

Dr. Dallas George helped me figure out why I have more frequent instances of back pain and have provided treatments to get me on the road to recovery. Staff is super nice and know their stuff.

- J. Grover

Community Chiropractic is absolutely the best! In the 30 years I have received chiropractic adjustments. I have never experienced a more professional thorough and truly life changing adjustment like I have at Community Chiropractic. Their training and expertise is unparalleled and they truly care about their patients!

- L. Hills

Dr. Dallas George and Dr. Dan George are amazing. Dr. Dallas always takes the time to explain everything in great detail. They are the bet chiropractors I have been too. Very friendly atmosphere. The ladies are all so friendly. they work very well with your schedule to make appointments. You never have to wait. They get you back as soon as you walk through the door. I would recommend them to everyone.

- Angie F.

When I first started seeing the doctors here at Community Chiropractic I had been at a level 7 pain every since day for several months, and after having gone to several different doctors to try and figure out where this pain was coming from I decided on chiropractic.... My first visit was a long one where they did a exam and X-ray, while they were doing this the super kind ladies that work there looked after my kids for me. Since then I have had many appointments to treat my pain and it has worked very well. The staff is kind and always remember my name and greet me with a smile everyday. I am so happy I went to see them and will refer anyone to them.

- Anonymous

Shoulder came out of socket while I slept. I saw another doctor who gave me pain meds and put me in a sling. I was in excruciating pain for two weeks even on pain meds. I went and talked to Dr. Dallas and he knew exactly what was wrong. It has been a long process but the pain is finally gone. So glad I chose to go to a chiro. I don't think my progress would have been as substantial anywhere else.

- C. Jensen

I have been to a few chiropractors over my many years. I have kept myself in good shape, but occasionally something gets out of alignment and professional help is needed.The staff at community chiropractic is the best I've seen. They function the way a medical office should. Dr. Dallas George is a professional with a professional education not a just a certification. He can see the problem and correct it without unnecessary measures. I heartily recommend Community Chiropractic when professional chiropractic assistance is needed.

- J. Ivie

I have been going to community chiropractor for many years. Anytime my body is feeling less than normal, @ a quick trip to the chiropractor fixes me up.
Hospitable and efficient at a reasonable cost.
I would recommend community chiropractor as your go-to doctor !!

- L. Bangerter

This is the second time I have had pain relief from Community Chiropractic. For two years I had what we called phantom pains. My RA checked my blood work and found nothing out of place. Primary Care Dr gave me some drug samples to try. When I came here, Dr. George listened to all my weird little issues and actually took X-rays to diagnose my issue, put a plan in place and a mane in the phantom pains both my other Dr.'s agree with... Thank You!

- P. Robertson

When I first decided to come into Community Chiropractic and Wellness I was having trouble with my hands going numb. It was so bad that they were numb almost all of the time. I had a hard time sleeping at night because they would ache and all of my activities were affected by it. I'm a massage therapist and while I was working it was horrible. I was in agony. I was pretty sure it was coming from my neck so I came into Community Chiropractic and Wellness. The staff was very helpful and really worked to make me feel like they cared. I was diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease in my neck. Through the therapy and the exercises I started to get better. My hands are almost completely free of numbness only after 4 months and I know it will just keep getting better. I'm glad I came in and would recommend them to anyone who is suffering.

- B. Sherman

I have done the S2R program for the neuropathy that I have and it has been the best program I have ever done. It has helped my legs, I can walk better, I can go up and down the stairs better. My legs aren't as numb as they used to be. The diet program has been really really good. I have lost 27 lbs. in the past 12 weeks. It has been really good for me. I like eating what I have to eat, I like the chocolate drink especially too. I like the exercise programs. Really well. Riding the bike especially has helped me. I have stopped taking 3 of the medications I was on which is really good too. The help here has been great. I have been treated very well. I have really liked the programs and I am going to continue on to eat like the program has taught me to do.

- C. R.

I just finished a 12 week programs. The solutions 4 Candida programs. At first it was hard, lots of preparation I thought. With the pills and making sure I had all the water. Getting everywhere where I needed to be. Doing all the things that I needed to do. But as a classic over eater addicted to food and soda I as used to being gratified immediately. In that it took a couple of weeks but this program has done everything that it said that it would do. I have a very suborn brain that nothing else would have worked. I know that I needed to do a program that was longer than 12 weeks. this one was for 12 weeks but I thought that it was good because I thought to myself that I can do anything for 30 days but can I do it for 3 months. The supplements help me fight the craving, it helped me feel better so that I could increase my exercise and increasing my exercise is what made this all worthwhile. coming in and having a coach like Shellie made a difference. I knew she was going to get on me if I cheated. Not too hard, I mean she was way more supportive than what every you call someone that is too difficult to deal with. She is going to laugh at this. I am sorry Shellie. But it is worth it. If you can override my brain and the thoughts that I have had about food for ancient history. If I can quit soda, which I was a terrible Mountain Dew Addict, this will work for anyone. There is nobody that can come in here with the worst mind set on food and exercise than I did. I can't say enough about it. It is worth every penny!

- E. S.

Hi. I am a 44 year old mother of 7 children and I have struggles with my weight on and off throughout my adult life, Partly because of getting pregnant 7 times and going through that weight cycle. I had gotten to the point where I had all my children and I was at the weight that I had always been at the end of a pregnancy and that was horrifying to me to be at the weight of a 9 months pregnant person. Beyond that I was tired all the time, I took a nap every single day and I had no energy. I was kind of leg to this program through my daughter needing chiropractic care. One of the things I really like was that i t was medically supervised. I had a doctor watching over the whole program, I love having coaches that I could work with and talk to and get recipe ideas. Just the encouragement and the support. I love the fact that this program addresses kind of every part of it. It wasn't, to me, ever just about being thin, but about being healthy and getting that energy back. Honestly, 3 weeks into the program my mom could see a difference and was telling me that I seemed more alive than I had in years. That really meant a lot to me. I love coming in for the weekly sessions. I always kind of called it my spa day. Kind of a little bit of a joke. It was a treat or my little reward for not cheating and for writing everything down, keeping track of everything. I found that I love the food, I love eating that way, and I thought that it was going to be a challenge to only eat about 1000 calories a day, but I haven't been hungry. The supplements are great. They help me to have that energy and to be satisfied. But it is not just about the supplements it is really about the really good healthy foods that are filling me and getting me what I need. Another thing I have really loved is the Self Mastery Technology. I thought that it would be a little weird but I do love those positive reinforcing the messages that it gives. One that I really want to share but I don't remember the exact working. Basically it says, "Every time you pass a mirror, when you catch your reflection in the mirror you'll find yourself smiling because you know you have the tools to be natural thin for the rest of your life." I have found that it is so true that I will find myself smiling in the mirror and then I will kinds of laugh at myself because I am smiling at myself in the mirror. It is not just about liking what I see 35 lbs. later or happy because I am thinner. I look at myself and I have more energy, and I am happier and I know that I have those tools to be this way the rest of my life or as long as I continue to make those good choices and do what I need to do to be strong and to be healthy.

- S. W.

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